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The analysis studio is a single room bringing together our technologies for professionals. With 10 years of experience, we have been able to bring together all the skills around us to be able to offer different solutions that can be adapted to all projects. We dispose :

  • A design office for constructions and upgrades

  • A team of developers to create or adapt specific software

  • From a graphic designer to personalize the tailor-made products that we install.

  • An installation team for all continents.

Layout option for your studio

Addon Sport is specialized in digital display and projection for professionals, in order to offer to its customers a high-end service which fits perfectly to outdoor installations

GOLF ANALYSIS STUDIO by Addon Golf, market leader in the design of golf simulation cages.
Ecran dynamique
Dynamic touch screen

Dynamic touch screen

With its superior qualities and robust design, the dynamic display is the ideal device for using your software outdoors. Discover high-end equipment offering excellent readability in direct sunlight that will impress your audience

Diagonal class up to 98 "

Total sun visualization

Up to 8K 7680 x 4320

stunning images

For total immersion in a large 8K screen

Powerful performance for compelling content

Attention to detail and minimalism

No need for overly complex multiscreen in your analysis studio. Now you can count on an 8K big screen with no potential loss of resolution. The final result? An immersive viewing experience without any distraction compared to multiscreen setups and their annoying bezels.


For exceptional image quality even in low light or when shooting fast-moving objects, the cost-optimized IMX273 global shutter CMOS sensor (Sony's Pregius series) particularly stands out due to its its high sensitivity and its large dynamic range. With a resolution of 1.58 Mpx (1456 x 1088 px px) with pixels of 3.45 µm, in the USB3 Vision U3-3040CP industrial camera it reaches a considerable frequency of 250 fps, which makes this Perfect camera for demanding and cost sensitive machine vision applications such as surface inspections, detailed image analysis in medical technology or use in transportation.

Special functions, such as long exposure up to 2000.0 ms or line scan mode for the use of the industrial camera as line camera, also extend the application possibilities.

The U3-3040CP is available in monochrome or color variant.

This camera model is supported at Trackman and Flightscope

Basler high speed camera
Live Show Camera

Direct Show Camera


The Logitech Brio webcam is our best and most advanced professional webcam. Thanks to innovative technologies, Brio represents excellence in 4K ultra HD video analysis.

RightLight ™ 3 and HDR (high dynamic range) technologies automatically adjust so you can look your best in any light quality, in low light, under direct sunlight, or even under high contrast lighting conditions.

Brio is certified for professionals and supports Windows Hello, thanks to integrated optical and infrared sensors.

Video projector Pro

This 4K Ultra HD laser-phosphor projector delivers cost-effective semi-professional projection, ensuring "pixel-free" viewing with 5000 ANSI lumens brightness.

Along with the impressive accuracy of its images, the projector offers an attractive proposition with Risk Group 2 compliance, dramatically reducing the effort of installation and use. In addition to low TCOs and long-lasting smooth operation, there is no need to replace the filter. The wide variety of interfaces, including HDBaseT and 2x HDMI, ensure scalability of viewing.

Exceptional image quality at "pixel-free" resolution and an attractive, compact design: the NEC P506QL projector is ideally suited for golf simulators using high resolution

Image by Dylan Calluy
Proj pro

Synthetic grass


Synthetic turf is becoming more and more popular on golf courses, whether at home or in clubs. Our Addon Green range has a certain number of synthetic turf and in particular, high density greens that perfectly respect the roll of the ball.

Addon Green Pro Max by Addon Golf, market leader in the design of golf simulation cages.

Printed floor

Personalize your floor with the logo of your academy or even invent a multitude of putting exercises. With Addon Sport, you will have the choice between high-end synthetic or personalized marking on 400, 600 and 800G carpet, practice mat or teeline hitting zone.

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