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from 12,500 euros excluding tax

Solutions de financement flexibles

pour les professionnels et les particuliers

Layout option for your studio

Le coût de cette installation pourra varier selon les choix effectués en matière de revêtements de sol et de système de projection. Chez Addon Golf, nous vous offrons quatre alternatives pour les sols :

  • Green Color : parfait pour ajouter une touche de couleur à votre espace, disponible en plusieurs teintes comme le noir, le gris anthracite, le rouge, le jaune, etc.

  • Green Pro : un gazon synthétique de qualité supérieure, couramment utilisé dans les aménagements extérieurs, qui offre une durabilité à long terme.

  • Green Pro Max : cette option assure une robustesse exceptionnelle et une qualité de roulement sans pareil.

  • Moquette imprimée : disponible en trois poids - 400, 600 et 1000 grammes par mètre carré, elle permet une personnalisation avec votre logo ou des motifs éducatifs.

Dynamic touch screen

With its superior qualities and robust design, the dynamic display is the ideal device for using your software outdoors. Discover high-end equipment offering excellent readability in direct sunlight that will impress your audience

Diagonal class up to 98 "

Total sun visualization

Up to 8K 7680 x 4320

stunning images

For total immersion in a large 8K screen

Powerful performance for compelling content

Attention to detail and minimalism

No need for overly complex multiscreen in your analysis studio. Now you can count on an 8K big screen with no potential loss of resolution. The final result? An immersive viewing experience without any distraction compared to multiscreen setups and their annoying bezels.


For exceptional image quality even in low light or when shooting fast-moving objects, the cost-optimized IMX273 global shutter CMOS sensor (Sony's Pregius series) particularly stands out due to its its high sensitivity and its large dynamic range. With a resolution of 1.58 Mpx (1456 x 1088 px px) with pixels of 3.45 µm, in the USB3 Vision U3-3040CP industrial camera it reaches a considerable frequency of 250 fps, which makes this Perfect camera for demanding and cost sensitive machine vision applications such as surface inspections, detailed image analysis in medical technology or use in transportation.

Special functions, such as long exposure up to 2000.0 ms or line scan mode for the use of the industrial camera as line camera, also extend the application possibilities.

The U3-3040CP is available in monochrome or color variant.

This camera model is supported at Trackman and Flightscope

Synthetic grass

Synthetic turf is becoming more and more popular on golf courses, whether at home or in clubs. Our Addon Green range has a certain number of synthetic turf and in particular, high density greens that perfectly respect the roll of the ball.

Solutions de financement flexibles

pour les professionnels et les particuliers

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