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The most popular and immersive simulation experience:

With SkyTrak+, immerse yourself in an ultra-realistic and customizable training and gaming experience.


  • Double Doppler Radar for Club Data Measurement
    The new Doppler radar system provides valuable club data including club head speed, strike factor, club path and face angle. Additionally, by applying proprietary machine learning algorithms to this data, its accuracy is comparable to high-end launch monitors.
  • Improved Photometric Camera System for Increased Accuracy
    The improved camera system provides golfers with highly accurate and reliable ball tracking data, essential to perfecting their game. This improved system also performs better outdoors on the mats. Now practice on the golf course with precision.
  • Optimized Practice and Improvement
    Get started with our Game Improvement Plan. You'll have the opportunity to practice on a practice range, assess your skills, map your bag, randomize your training, and go through our wedge matrix to refine your skills. score clubs.


Better equipped? Opt for the FullSwing Kit launch monitor


PriceFrom 2.990,00 €
Excluding VAT
  • INCLUDED WITH your SkyTrak. This version is included with your launch monitor. It contains a fully functional training area. No subscription is necessary.

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