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Maximum versatility


The "Fly" golf simulator cage is fully suspended and redefines the way you play virtual golf and organize your space. It offers unprecedented freedom of redevelopment, unrivaled quality and incomparable versatility. Transform your space into a virtual golf course in moments, or take advantage of "Fly" adaptability to create the ideal environment for your personal or professional needs.

Features :

  • Freedom of Redevelopment: Create Your Golf Space Wherever You Want. The "Fly" golf simulator cage is completely suspended, giving you the freedom to choose where you want to play. Transform your garage into a virtual golf course, convert a meeting room into a relaxation area for golfers, or rearrange your space as you wish. It's your space, it's your simulator.

  • High Quality Materials  Our golf simulation cage is synonymous with premium quality. We use the best materials to ensure exceptional durability and a realistic gaming experience. Every detail is designed to meet the most demanding standards.

  • Incomparable versatility : The Multi-Solution Par Excellence "Fly" is much more than a golf simulator cage. It is a multifunctional solution. It adapts to your needs, whether for training, relaxation or business meetings. Now you can make full use of the space you have, without compromise.

  • Superior Quality Floor: Opt for synthetic flooringGreen Pro" Or "Green Pro Colors", with undercoat "Shock Pad" for an authentic playing sensation and unrivaled comfort.


Better equipped? Looking for an even more refined gaming experience, explore our additional customization options :

  • Green Pro Max: For optimal game quality, add the Green Pro Max (+15 euros/m2) to your simulator. Find out by clicking here…

  • Printed Carpet 650g: With a 650g printed carpet (+35 euros/m2), treat yourself to an exceptional playing surface.

  • Printed Carpet 1000g: Opt for the 1000g printed carpet (+50 euros/m2) for a first-class gaming experience.

  • Customization of curtains: Create the atmosphere of your choice with the customization of stretched canvases (+1500 euros), whether you prefer a traditional golf course or a modern and futuristic atmosphere.

Learn more about the product “FLY” by clickinghere…


Contact us directly if you wish to add an option or modify the dimensions of the cage: or directly by telephone at 0972130526

Cheaper ?
Opt for our DIY cage from 5,500 euros excluding tax or our “MYSIM” from 7,500 euros excluding tax

“FLY” golf simulator

Excluding VAT
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