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High density synthetic green that does not require maintenance or sanding. It will be faithful to a consistent ball roll.

For a perfect installation, we advise you to install a layer of airlastic for a perfect stabilization of your green. (See article


High density synthetic green

PriceFrom €39.00
Excluding VAT
  • Kind: tufted unfilled artificial grass carpet 

    Wire material: wound PE monofilament 

    wire type: 6.600 / 6 dTex

    Yarn quality: environmentally friendly, UV stabilized, UV stability meets DIN 53387 standard: lead and cadmium free

    Color fastness: xenon test: blue scale> 7, gre y> 4 

    Primary support: 100% PP double Thiobac ® with interlocking fleece and glass, black, stabi UV ized : weight 297 gr / m2 

    Secondary medium: made of black latex with a base of styrene-butadiene (SBR), with drainage holes: weight 1.000 gr / m2

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