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The DIY Golf Cage (do it yourself)  and DIY PRO (bigger) is a do-it-yourself cage with our materials made on our premises.


The DIY golf simulator cage consists of the following parts:

  • A specific aluminum frame of 350 cm wide x 200 cm deep x 280 cm high for DIY and 400 cm wide x 200 cm deep x 280 cm high with its connectors and the assembly PDF
  • A high-end Pro Max + strike screen against screen with finishing kit and mounting parts
  • A synthetic green surface for putting inside the simulator of the width and depth of the cage (green or black colors)
  • A Tee Line strike zone the width of the cage where you can plant a tee and faithful to the external sensations
  • Specially designed canvas sides and ceiling with easy to mount Velcro straps
  • An OERT/impact light for the location of the ball (black) for an optimized operation of your technology (Trackman, Flightscope, Foresight...)
  • Our professional manual in French
  • The shipments will be made in 2 boxes of 200x15x15 cm each weighing 50 kg, a roll of grass of 200x50x50 cm weighing approximately 40 kg and a box containing the canvas, the striking screen and the light.

The aluminum frame and full side and ceiling protection are produced in-house at Addon Sportto guarantee the best quality and facilitate its use.


Assembling the frame itself will only take 1 hour for two people following our manual.

Cage Do It Your Self

PriceFrom 3.500,00 €
Excluding VAT
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