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Perpignan Indoor Golf, the right equipment for your learning or improvement

In the Catalan country, the Perpignan indoor golf will soon open its doors at the beginning of November.

Like Jean Van de Velde's academy, the center is equipped with two large "Elite +" cages with a width of 5.50m allowing practitioners to be in a comfortable position during training. or a game with friends.

Both golf simulators are equipped with high speed 4K cameras allowing immediate video feedback of the swing via Trackman's "Performance Studio" software.

The central area gives way to a putting green equipped with the PuttView system for training alone or with others.

PuttView transforms any putting green into an interactive learning environment. It lets players and coaches create any putting scenario indoors and outdoors to see real results out on the course. It instantly calculates any putt, projects it directly onto the green and tracks your performance in real-time to provide actionable feedback.

Vidéo Perpignan golf indoor

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