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2 excellent webinars with speakers who master their subject and transmit it with passion. Mathias and Guillaume are very competent.

- Jean-Christophe R

Wouldn't it be wonderful tobe able to play golf without leaving the comfort of your home?

Well, with thebest homemade golf simulator in France, it's possible!

We will explain to you why the investment in such equipmentis more than useful for golf lovers and how to choose the best performing one.

Why choose a homemade golf simulator in France?

  • Accessibility and comfort : With ahome golf simulator, you can practiceyour favorite sport at any time, without worrying about weather conditions.

  • Continuous improvement : THEgolf simulators allow you to analyze every shot, which is fundamental for improving your skills

How to choose the best home golf simulator in France?

Now that youknow the importance of a homemade golf simulator, it's time to find outhow to make the best choice. The main criteria to consider are:

  • Precision and realism: The simulator must offer an experience as close as possible to reality.

  • Ease of use : A good simulator should be easy to install and use.

  • Material quality : It is essential to choose a quality product to guarantee its durability and performance.

The best homemade golf simulator in France with ADDON GOLF is the one that best meets your needs and expectations.


It will allow you tomake the most of your passion for golf, while continuously improving your skills.


Do not hesitate to invest in this essential equipment and contactADD-ON GOLF

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