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Le Flightscope Mevo est le premier radar portatif de la marque Flightscope. Vous disposerez des 7 données d'une base de trajectoire en synchronisation parfaite avec la vidéo de votre smartphone. Le Flightscope Mevo est  le plus fiable dans la gamme des petits radars accessibles. 

- Mesurer vos données entemps réel

- Evaluer votre jeux

- Télécharger et partager vos sessions de practice

-Visualiser votre progression


The Flightscope Mevo is the first portable radar of the Flightscope brand. Contariment to its 3 big brothers, its range of capture is very limited (about 15m) and the rest of the trajectory is calculated. You will have the data of a trajectory database in perfect synchronization with the video of your smartphone. The Mevo Flightscope is by far the most reliable in the range of accessible small radarMeasure your numbersReal-time performance data.

- Evaluate your gameSave,

- upload and share practice sessions.

- Visualize your improvementAction video clips captured by phone with data overlay.

- Optimize your performanceAutomatic video clipping and storages.


Flightscope MEVO

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